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Great Lakes Antique Phonograph specializes in phonograph repairs, and we have over twenty five years of repair experience. Below you will find pricing information for "common" repair jobs. However, if you don't see what you're looking for please email us, or call us at (231) 745-7175. Emailare usually best as I'm in-between the two shops/warehouses many days. Most likely, we can fix it for you! You will find our prices very competitive.


Some mainsprings with broken ends can be repaired for LESS than the cost of a replacement. Usually the price is $17.00 in addition to the "repair and replace" labor cost.

Remove and replace (R&R) mainspring (labor) Most $38.00
Used mainspring (in good condition) Most $24.95
New mainspring $41.95 and up


Prices include ultrasonic cleaning, new gaskets, polishing, and adjustment. Additional parts or repairs are extra as required. No repairs or parts added without prior approval from customer.

All work is tested and guaranteed. Check out a few of the testimonials listed on this site.

Model C $43.95
Model H $43.95
Model K $74.95
Diamond B-new Expert Stylus Diamonds can be installed for an additional fee-inquire $46.95
Diamond C-new Expert Stylus Diamonds can be installed for an additional fee-inquire $46.95
Diamond Disc-new Expert Stylus Diamonds can be installed for an additional fee-inquire $46.95

Victor Exhibition

NEW rear flange installed - add $14.95

Victor No. 2 $45.95
Orthophonic $74.95 and up
Most other victrola reproducers $49.95 and up


Prices are general. If repairs are simple and require little time, you will not be charged for a full overhaul - charges are only for time spent, many times much less. Estimates are always free PRIOR to proceeding with any repairs. We are willing to perform as little or as much as you request or need, be it new governor springs, replace broken main spring or complete disassembly of motor for cleaning, inspection, adjusting and testing. We stock a large inventory and almost never have to wait for ordered parts to come in.

Top and bottom works (includes governor) $159.00 and up
Bottom works only (includes governor) $89.00 and up
Complete overhaul (includes governor)

This includes labor on up to two mainsprings.

Additional springs are slightly higher.

$129.00 and up