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Great Lakes Antique Phonograph carries a wide variety of phonograph accessories, from high-quality turntable felt to collectible phonograph-related items. Below is just a sampling of our vast inventory - if you don't see what you are looking for, just email us; if we don't have it, we'll help you locate try to locate it!

Original record brushes.

Phonograph cabinet keys, both originals and reproductions.

Phonograph crank handles, originals and reproductions.

Horn elbows, various sizes and makes, in both original and reproduction.

Amberola 30 & DX front grille (reproduction) $54.95 ea.

These are excellent quality painted steel not found elsewhere.

Amberola 30 top grille (reproduction). $28.95

Very good steel reproduction grills identical to the originals

Reproduction horns for cylinder phonographs, various sizes. Prices from $29.95

Great quality-compare our prices

Also stock a repair cone for Morning Glory horns

Needle cutters-original equipment/great prices.

Original steel phonograph needles (NOS). Tungstone style (multi-play) needles in several original brands.

We also sell new steel phonograph needles. Very reasonably priced

Nipper salt and pepper shakers.

Original record dusters, various makes and sizes.

Rubber horn connectors.

Just $2.95 ea.

Super soft and flexible

High-quality turntable felt, in original colors: olive green, orange, and dark green.

You'll find no better original colors or better quality any place else in 12" squares.

$8.95 per square. Installation available.

Original and reproduction winding keys and cranks for just about any old phonograph.

Email us with your order/request.