Cabinet Parts

We carry a wide variety of replacement parts for cabinets from wood to hardware. If you don’t find what you are looking for EMAIL or call us.

Victor fluted corners with top and bottom crowns 
currently available for
Victor M, E, Humpback II and the III (shown).
Excellent Quality
Victor IV columns
Excellent Quality
Feet for Edison B-80 Diamond Disc machine
Available in Oak or Mahogany
Also for VV table models
Tone arms

Specify make and model of machine
Cabinet Knobs
Specify make and model of machine
We have literally hundreds of different knobs in stock at all times.
Cylinder phonograph carriage arms
Specify make and model of machine and reproducer


Crank Escutcheons
Both original and reproductions available
Specify make and model of machine
Cylinder machine crane parts
Original and reproductions available
Entire crane and/or parts available
Edison Amberola DX swivel arm
Only original hard to find parts.
Also for them for the Amb VI
Victrola jack-knife style hinges
Specify style – A or B& right or left hand side
These were used on all latter VV’.
I do stock hinges  for just about any victrola make or model

Victor Orthophonic back brackets

Reproductions (painted black)

Specify make and model of machine

Victrola needle cups

Many different makes/styles available