Great Lakes Antique Phonograph has served hundreds of people over the last twenty five years. Here are just a few quotes from emails/letters of satisfied customers.

I picked up the refinished cabinet this afternoon and installed the mechanical works tonight.  The sounds came out beautifully, just as I remembered 55 years ago.  Your workmanship was flawless and everything worked as I had hoped. Thanks so much. – M. Watts

I have only dealt with George once, but my impression is that he is first-class, both as a person and a supplier. I needed a cabinet part for one of my C19s a month or so ago, and I e-mailed him about it. He knew exactly what I needed, until I explained it further. He finally sent me a picture of what he thought I needed, and it was indeed the correct part. He was friendly and professional. I recommend him highly. Not all suppliers are so helpful, or honest. I wish I had known about him years ago. It would have saved me a lot of headaches, and heartache too. – R. Minor

George has come through for me many times. – L. Katzinger

I have dealt with George since the 1980’s and he is always a gentleman. – S. Medved

I obtained an obscure part for my Amberola 30 from George at an indecently low price, and he has just returned my Victrola tonearm with a nice new back bracket at a very fair price, and in a timely manner. I am also very happy with his willingness to keep in close email contact during the entire transaction. I am going to entrust him with some delicate surgery on my Triumph “A” very soon, and will be in the email “waiting room” knowing he will do the job well, and at fair price. I advise all newcomers to the hobby to entrust their machines and questions to his care. – R. Heathcote

George is a great guy to deal with. – R. L’Herault

I received the soundbox and arm, and installed them on my player – they worked WELL.  Thanks for your service. I look forward to working with you again. – T. Guest

Just got the Credenza motor and reinstalled it.  It is ‘wow’-free thanks to your expert efforts, and running as quietly as a floating feather. As the ultimate test I played Caruso’s Di quella pira on it simultaneously with the CD version: there’s not a millisecond’s difference.  I also played piano recordings with sustained notes and there’s no trace of pitch variation whatsoever. In short, you’re a wizard! I will be happy to refer any and all of my victrola acquaintances to you with the highest recommendation. – E. Garcia

The shaft and mandrel turned up today, and fitted perfectly. I now have a fully working Gem B – with 4 minute adaptor. Many thanks for very quick and friendly service – much appreciated. – D.Papworth, United Kingdom

Received the items ordered from you yesterday. Thanks for such fast service. You have my business now. – R. Schrader

Just to let you know, I received the (rebuilt) reproducer in good condition Friday. It sounds and looks great! Thanks for your quick turnaround. – K. Nelson

I received the part! and it is just perfect. Thank you for your excellent service. I will be glad to recommend you to all my antiquing friends for victrola parts. Again, Thanks. – D. Godwin

The old victrola works great !!!! You did a really good job and extremely fast too!  We really appreciate  your help.  We have already had the chance to demonstrate the player, so it didn’t have much of a chance to rest.  Terry – Leroy Area Historical Society

Just to let you know, I received the reproducer in good condition.  It sounds and looks great!  Thanks for your quick turnaround. – K. Nelson

I received the motor in Thursdays mail. It works perfectly. Thanks for getting it operational for me. – K. Bolton

The reproducer arrived and the old player has never sounded so good! Thank You Thank You Thank You! – A. Smith

The Victrola (VV-8-12) works wonderful, we played the music from Tchaikovsky’s Swan-Lake and it has a beautiful stereo sound.

Thank you. – C. McConnell

I have dealt with George, and he was great. He went to a lot of trouble to  see that I got what I needed, and I did. I was impressed not only by his  service, but by the fact that he worked hard in a transaction that did not involve  very much money. – Randy

 I would like to thank you again and again. They are perfect, and much better than what I had expected for the price. – G. Docenko

I picked up my soundboxes yesterday at the post office. Thank you. They look great. The #2 sounds wonderful, I haven’t tried the Silvertone yet, maybe this weekend. Thanks again, I look forward to doing business again with you in future. – J. Bennett
I received the reproducer, (and) it sounds great. Thanks again for the fast turn around. – J. Smith

I just wanted to thank you for the great job on my reproducer. I have to say, my Victrola sounds wonderful!! It was really nice to finally be able to listen to it again. THANK YOU!! – D. Little

I received my part today! Thanks Again, it was just what I needed. I’ll recommend you to every one! – T. Milankow

I received the grafanola today everything is great! The pack job was fabulous. Again, Thanks a lot for the “job well done ” – B. Brandt

George is a good honest guy. A rare commodity in today’s world! – T. Jordan

I arrived home tonight to find the box with the repaired Victrola elbow/tone arm. What beautiful work you do! I could not be happier!
You are indeed a craftsman and I am thrilled (and relieved!) to have found someone such as yourself who I can rely on in the future. No doubt I will be calling on your services again to help me out of a Victrola “crisis.” I also am grateful to you for all the helpful information you have provided. I am a beginner and appreciate relying on someone with your expertise who is willing to answer questions and provide advice. Thanks again for a job so very well done. – V. Weiss